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Do you enjoy going to the theatre to see the latest plays or the movie theatre to see the latest Hollywood films? At Theatres Australia, we provide information about the different types of theatre shows available and other theatre information. Browse our listings to find whats playing at your local theatre or what DVDs are available to rent online to watch in your home theatre.

News from the Theatres

NEW! Paul Potts, the amazing opera singer who shot to fame after winning Britain's Got Talent produced by ITV is coming to Australia in 2008! Read more about Paul Potts in our Theatre Shows section.

NEW! What theatre genre are you watching? Do you know the difference between a Pantomime and an Opera? If your not familiar with the main theatre genres, brush up on your genre knowledge here at Theatres, Australia.

Theatres, Australia

We have used theatres in one form or another since the first theatre, the theatre of ancient Greece was used by performers with an audience in a half circle watching proceedings unfold on an elevated stage. Even then actors would use props to enhance the show.

These theatres are called performance theatres where one goes to see plays, opera, drama, dance and even comedy shows. You can also visit the movie theatres which have improved markedly in recent years with cinemas enjoying a resurgence in customer numbers thanks to the larger screens, 2d and 3d projections and the modernized dining facilities which also include special sections for patrons to dine while watching the movie.

Many people enjoy watching a live performance in a theatre with costumes and sets. Some of the most famous shows including Phantom of the Opera and Cats have played before worldwide audiences of in excess of 80 million with patrons returning each season to watch it again.

The popularity of these shows can be seen in the longevity of their performances. Cats ran for 20 years after opening in London's West End. The Phantom opened in 1986 at Her Majesty's Theatre in London and is still running today.

Theatres are built for us to enjoy opera, classical music, ballet, dance, contemporary music and drama with the paying customer able to sample a different culture and time with costumes, dance, acting, gestures all helping portrait a story that our limited knowledge of a foreign tongue can understand.

Movie Theatres

There are two different types of movie theatres for us to enjoy Hollywood blockbuster movies on the theatre big screen.

The cinema has improved greatly in recent years with state of the art technology giving us supersized screens to watch all the best movies on. The Hoyts cinema has a 28 metre wide screen while the IMAX movie theatre in Sydney shows 2d and 3d movies on the world's largest cinema screen.

The first drive in theatre opened in 1954 and while they fell out of vogue during the 90s there are still a few around today although there are none in South Australia, the Northern Territory or Tasmania. With the introduction of the VCR the drive in theatre began to die a slow death. Land prices rose and owners cashed in leaving drive in patrons without a drive in to attend.

Drive in theatres were very popular through the summer time but unfortunately the lack of business on cold winter nights gave owners little option when they could make a small fortune by selling the land.

Those who enjoy movies can instead opt to buy the best home theatre system that they can afford. The improvements in technology have increased dramatically in recent years and the competition for customers has seen not only the products continue to get better but also the prices have decreased.

Large flat screen LCD and Plasma television screens are now common place in many households throughout Australia when only five years ago they were as rare as hens teeth, unless you visited a sports bar.

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